For the BOYS!

ACTIVITIES FOR BOYS! BOY CRAFTS! BOY GIFTS! Activities, art, crafts, and even products, the BOYS will definitely go for. Not your general crafts and such, but BOY ones. You know, dinosaurs, trucks, pirates and all those things boys are driven to.
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You really need to check out these awesome Star Wars Crafts. They are perfect for any day of the year and especially nice for Star Wars Day - May the 4th Be With You!

The best science experiment for kids! Turn an egg into a rubber ball - preschoolers love this one!

Easiest Ever 5 Minute Microwave Homemade Playdough! from Fun at Home with Kids

Exploring the sense of sight, one of the five senses, during a nature walk. Part one in the 5 senses series in the blog. Science fun for kids

SmartMax Mega Ball Run - toy review

This is the ultimate firefighter themed birthday party for kids. These games are so clever!

Setting up an observation tank for raising tadpoles into frogs. This is such a fascinating activity!

50+ Lego Building Projects for Kids - LEGO Challenges, Instructions, Project Ideas, LEGO Club Ideas, all in one place!

Using real tools with preschoolers - this toy car games is awesome fun for kids!

Exploding soap experiment! Easy science experiment for kids using Ivory soap!

Five ways to play with your LEGO bricks AND keep cool this summer! From Fun at Home with Kids

SO many ways to learn while playing with toy trucks! These activities and games are so simple and perfect for preschoolers

Indoor Golf Game for Preschoolers - made from a cardboard box!

Free printable LEGO emotions inference game for kids from And Next Comes L

14 Train Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids

This multi-level cardboard box ramp is made from lots of different pieces of cardboard at different angles. Perfect for cars and balls.

Make a DIY Travel Dino Playmat in about 15 minutes using this FREE printable template. Great for entertaining kids on the go, especially in places where they need to wait, like for an appointment! One of several fun ideas shared as part of @oscarmayer's #sanewich campaign! #sponsored

Awesome Star Wars activities that your kids are going to go crazy for. Click through for a super selection of Star Wars activity ideas for Star Wars day or any time. May the 4th be with you.

Simple Science for Toddlers and Preschoolers | Magic Milk with Dishsoap #Palmolive25Ways #shop

Mix and Match Recycled Robots from Fun at Home with Kids

Cardboard Box Boat - a fun upcycling craft to make for the kids!

Here are the very best muddy activities ever! From simple mud play to a whole mud day you will find a wonderful selection of fun muddy ideas.

Turn a pillow case into a superhero cape! Kids love this for imaginative play. SO simple, and no sewing!

Such an awesome rainy day activity for preschoolers, turn the garage into a road!

Great tips for woodworking with kids using wrenches - using real tools with preschoolers is awesome!