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For the BOYS!

ACTIVITIES FOR BOYS! BOY CRAFTS! BOY GIFTS! Activities, art, crafts, and even products, the BOYS will definitely go for. Not your general crafts and such, but BOY ones. You know, dinosaurs, trucks, pirates and all those things boys are driven to.

For the BOYS!

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15 crafts that FLY! Fun to make AND play with!

Simple math card games that kids love to play! Perfect for kindergarten and first grade kids!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 Minute Easter Eggs | These win Easter! Holy Moly! These are awesome!

Exploring Leads to Learning. Tips (by age) for helping boys explore their world and what they learn by doing so.

Create dinosaurs from toilet rolls - free printable shape template on the blog

Repeat Crafter Me: Pool Noodle Telescope

Tip to stop being the referee during all the fights and what to do instead.

Indoor Paper Basketball Activity - Art And Craft - Fun Activities For Kids

Adventures at home with Mum: DIY Pallet Rockwall Climbing Frame & Slide

Simple Catapult Tutorial ~ Easy DIY Catapult for Kids to Make

Does My Son Need to Toughen Up a Little? Raising Boys who are Courageous - Thoughts on when dad and son have differing interests, boys who seem to cry too much, etc. Our culture twists this concept - "Just get over it!" and things like that. So where is the truth? (From a Christian perspective)

Lego Minions Building Instructions - Simple directions! Build one-eyed or two-eyed minions.

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    Ashley McRaney Flora

    M Stang

  • M Stang
    M Stang

    Love it!! Omg..I reckon road trip to the Lego store in Orlando")

A NEW recipe for DIY Bath Bombs that foam like crazy when they're added to water. A great addition to bathtime from Fun at Home with Kids

Simple Homemade Catapult - A Fun indoor activity for Cub Scouts. Made with cardboard tube and sheet. Try aiming for a target.

Explore music and literacy with this tin can drums spelling activity for kids from And Next Comes L

Pow! Zap! Boom! Superhero Picture Books for Boys. Non-commercial superhero books with boy appeal.

DIY road signs for car play that are interchangeable and great for fine motor development from And Next Comes L

10 Ways to Use and Play with Mini Tractor Toys