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Get the Kids Moving!

Gross Motor Activities to get the kids, preschoolers and toddlers moving!

Get the Kids Moving!

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This gross motor activity for preschoolers burns off a ton of energy, and helps develop balance, stability, and problem solving skills too! Lots of ideas in the post for how to use this activity, and what to use if you don't have a round log!

Simply Awesome Gross Motor Activity for Preschoolers! - How Wee Learn

Lots of energy burning activities -- physical activities for toddlers

20 Physical Activities for Toddlers with Lots of Energy

The quirky parent: Thinking inside the box: Make a cardboard zoo

Thinking inside the box: Make a cardboard zoo

Pom pom target practice for preschoolers -- by blowing!

Poms Target Practice for Preschoolers | hands on : as we grow

Sight word practice on the stairs - a fun hands on learning approach to learn sight words

Sight Word Practice on the Stairs - hands on : as we grow

teaching your child how to jump rope 3


Stop watch racing gross motor STEM activity with printable

Stopwatch Racing : A to Z of STEM - In The Playroom

Have kids go on a photo scavenger hunt around the yard to look for shapes

Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids to Find Shapes | hands on : as we grow

32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids!

32 Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids To Do - hands on : as we grow

Make a scavenger hunt for kids to be like spies!

A 'Spy Game' Scavenger Hunt

A big chalk maze to make for preschoolers

A Big Chalk Maze for Preschoolers | hands on : as we grow

rolled eggs painting

Painting with Eggs & Rolling Balls

Lots of gross motor activities for kids that are constantly on the move

40 Gross Motor Activities to Get Your Kids Moving!

Go on a color scavenger hunt around the house for toys to make a rainbow.

Toy Color Scavenger Hunt to Make a Rainbow! - hands on : as we grow

A rainbow scavenger hunt with a free printable of clues to find the colors of the rainbow! Makes a fun rainbow craft to display too!

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt with Clues | hands on : as we grow

Make a windy race to challenge the kids

It's a Windy Race to Make the Kids Silly | hands on : as we grow

Alphabet Maze

Alphabet Maze Learning Activity | hands on : as we grow

What shape did the ball land on?

Learning Shapes by Rolling a Ball

Some fun Easter scavenger hunt ideas for kids to do to celebrate Easter!

12 Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas That are Not-So-Traditional

Snow day idea -- or just for fun - make a cardboard box dumpster for the kids to dive in and find treasures.

Make a Cardboard Box into a Dumpster to Find Treasures

15 Gross Motor activities for toddlers to play indoors

15 Indoor Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers

14 ways for kids to go on a Valentine scavenger hunt!

14 Lovely Valentine Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids to Do