Painting like an Artist

There are millions materials to paint with, ways to paint. I'm on a mission to finding them all.
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Simple abstract painting

Half Pint Pro (HalfPintPro) on Twitter

"Paintsicles" Frozen paint cubes for creative fun. From Learn with Play at Home. (Jerrie I can finger paint without a paintbrush now!)

Paintsicles. Frozen paint cubes for creative fun.

This is one of our favorites - so easy and makes the coolest prints ever!

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magnetic painting with a marble and many other magnet experiments

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Learn with Play at home: Q-Tip (cottonbud) Painting. Learning Numbers. Get arty and creative and if you like, learn some numbers too.

Q-Tip (cottonbud) Painting. Learning Numbers

Daily Creativity – Nurturing the Artist Within – Sponges

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Ziplock Painting - Blog has lots of great activity ideas by age (including infant) also great ideas for fine motor

Ziploc Painting Archives - No Time For Flash Cards

Make Your Own DIY Paintbrushes for Kids!

DIY Paintbrushes for Kids

Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolor Paint

Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolors

38 Different ways to paint!

{Alternative Painting 38 Different Ways!}

There is no wrong way to paint . Encouraging parents to follow their children's creativity especially if it's not part of the plan!

There Is NO Wrong Way To Paint

Flower Craft for Kids Using a Toilet Paper Roll #Mothers day craft

Flower Craft for Kids Using a Toilet Paper Roll - Sassy Dealz

homemade puffy paint

How to make puffy paint from One Crafty Mumma - Skip To My Lou

the best kids painting ideas

The best kids painting ideas :: Simple Play - NurtureStore

Printing with Spaghetti - The Imagination Tree

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Mmm some messy fun!

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Using a marble or a bouncy ball, dip the ball into paint roll it across the paper that is placed in a box.

Panther's Palette: Life Skills/ES: Action Paintings

String painting - pinching the string between a folded piece of paper and pulling. What can I make of the art?

String Painting Art for Preschoolers | Preschool Powol Packets

Top 10 Ways to learn with Paint

Top 10 Ways to Learn with Paint - Housing a Forest

Painting with rainbow colours and combs

Rainbow Comb Paintings - The Imagination Tree

Bear Hugs Baby: Nature Crafts for Kids

Bear Hugs Baby: Nature Crafts for Kids - in-the-corner

Easy love painting for kids

Love Painting for Kids - Inner Child Fun

3 simple and engaging ways to create beautiful art with sandpaper.. Easy kids art projects.

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Kool Aid water color paint - messy, sensory art! You have to try it yourself to experience the amazing aroma made by the Kool Aid paints.

Play Dates {Kool Aid}

Cool art projects

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