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and this is why i love peter pan

AWWWWW I feel like the people who play Peter Pan actually enjoy their job because of who they play. Many people enjoy Peter Pan more than other Disney characters so of course Peter Pan has to be.

How many times we have to teach this lesson?!?! Are you guys going to learn not to pause Disney movie?!?! AGAIN?!

16 Disney Movie Scenes Paused At Exactly The Right Moment… Tip: Don't pause Disney movies Cx

I saw a pin like this and they said after Anna's 13 years of asking, Elsa builds a snowman by herself. Yup

Elsa Was So Mean

Funny pictures about Scumbag Elsa. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag Elsa. Also, Scumbag Elsa photos.

I lost it at the last one!!  *sorry about the language*

This post! Elsa is as covered up and un-sexy Disney princesses get Cinderella was sexier than her

This is great but my favorite from Zach and Cody is still: Mr. Mosby: how do you lose a woman? Cody: you forget to cherish her.

When the haircolouring dont do what its supposed to

Peter Pan talking about uniteing the red heads of disney.

I'm a red-head too! Can I join the red-head club? This is why I wanted to meet Peter Pan in Disneyland, silly boy had to take a week long trip to Neverland to check on the lost boys while I was there!

Never pause a Disney movie. Cause you can make handsome gorgeous Disney characters look like well, a (Still hot) mess. @kailande9557 I never noticed that! OMG!

Never pause a Disney movie. Cause you can make handsome gorgeous Disney characters look like well, a (Still hot) mess.<<< HAHA TRUTH HIS HAIR THO

Love Peter Pan more than ever now!

Peter Pan at Disney Land

Meet Peter Pan at Disney World - Such an Inspirational Person. Everything I hear about the Peter Pan character at Disney World is amazing.

Find lots more tips for your Disney trip  @   RePinned by :

100 of the best Disney World tips

Tip - Look for the Singing In The Rain umbrella near the Lights, Motors, Action show at Hollywood Studios. If you stand on the pad underneath, it will usually make rain start to fall which makes for a fun photo opportunity.