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Namaste (I see the Buddha in you)

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♡ Er leeft iets in jou dat stil veel meer weet dan jijzelf... Intuïtie

♡ Er leeft iets in jou dat stil veel meer weet dan jijzelf... Intuïtie

http://twinflames-at-twilight.tumblr.com/ Reinforce the love with your soulmate. http://reinforcing.love Every audiobook and ebook is 50% off with promo code april50. Ive become spiritually connected to my higher self - my divine being- with each yoga practice meditation healing crystals and with my very own sweet #solitude. I used to consider myself a social butterfly but Ive learned more about myself. Ive become an #introvert and thats okay. There are events in your life that can really…

This is not poetry as such but you who love poetry, know that it is a feeling. Once you think poetry, everything becomes poetry. That is why I think this quote by Deepak Chopra is well placed on this board reserved for poets.

Infinite Feelings Everything you’re attracted to is already in you. Everything you are repulsed by is already in you. All things elicit feelings. Those feelings are appearances in you. Rising and falling.

Sachez tout d'abord que le placement de l'oreille est primordial lorsqu'il s'agit de suggérer la posture du visage. Rappelez-vous que dans un portrait de profil, l'oreille se trouve entre le sourcil et la base du nez.

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