montmartre! 18th arrondissement, paris. i've always been obsessed with this place. home of le moulin rouge, toulouse lautrec, vincent van gogh, le sacré coeur, among other things.

A Snowy Day in beautiful Historic Warsaw, Poland. Snow falling on steep stairs in old Eastern Europe.

The Grotto - Rayavadee, Thailand

The Grotto, Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand. Also known as Cave Dining, the restaurant is situated in a limestone cave on the Phranang Beach

Milky Way Over Bio-luminescent Plankton South Coast NSW, Australia

Two amazing sources of light - the Milky Way and bio-luminescent plankton in Vincentia, New South Wales, Australia. One of the coolest experiences was seeing our beach at home light up from bio-luminescent plankton!

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Scotland

Dusk, Edinburgh, Scotland The favorite and most magical place i've traveled to thus far.

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