Glitter Reindeer DIY

Glitter Reindeer on Canvas. Use glitter, a canvas, a template or draw it on yourself, glue painted on with a brush, and a toothpick to smooth out your lines. Shake off excess glitter then spray the whole thing with extra-hold hairspray.

How to make your own 'sea glass' You have to buy a tumbler and it takes 2 days of tumbling.

Make Your Own Sea Glass from used glass bottles, etc. - easy and fun to do - You can use it make your own jewelry, mosaics, or whatever! Okay this s not really sea glass, but tumbled glass.

Origami dresses.

source Making this origami paper dress is very simple, here is a video of the paper folding process. Don& you think making a dres.

Outline the edges of your envelopes with a Sharpie

DIY Projects & Crafts

DIY Sharpie Envelopes - Here is a fun idea from Martha Stewart. Using a ruler as a guide, draw a border along flaps and edges of envelopes and cards with a Sharpie paint marker.

paper embroidery

I love making homemade greeting cards and adding my own little embroidered accents! This link goes to an artist who does water colour/book pages and paper embroidery mixed media

Balloon Card // DIY greeting card idea

Cute birthday card idea: put colorful paper circles together as balloons and glue them onto paper along with some string. Kids love to make their own bday cards!

Let's create: Paper Bow Tutorial

Let's create: Paper Bow Tutorial Origami paper bow tutorial. Can create bows out of scrap paper, magazines, etc.

Amazing what a fingerprint can add to your crafts.

Finger Print Art - have all the guests leave their thumb print!replace w staff /thumb prints music notes