Yep!! Maybe I am ;)

Funny Family Ecard: I pin more food and sarcastic comments than anything. People must think I am one fat bitch.

Bahaha when you are like yeah remember that time we did this and everyone is like yeah that never happened...

must of my childhood memories happened it's just that they were so weird. u would have thought i dreamed it!

I laugh like a fool around my crush. I laugh all the time tho. I have two modes: laugh/fandoms and, sadness/deep thoughts. I am just a laughing type of person

Seriously I have to warn everybody More

Seriously I have to warn everybody

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I'm not saying it's earned me a fan club, but.well hell maybe it has.

good old high school musical :) hahaha

good old high school musical :) hahaha LOL you dont know how often i wish i could do this just for the fun of it. LOL like, every time we drive past a golf course. bet on it gets stuck in my head && I live right next to a gOLF COURSE


Andy Dwyer’s Greatest Moment on Parks and Rec


I did learn. The older you get the faster you learn the lesson.

Like Hamilton T-Shirt

Hamilton Musical: Gifts & Merchandise

rt tho i mean


Inches, no.

Well that escalated quickly

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As a teacher I verify this is our true intent. The Number Games, may the answers forever be in your favor.~~~~ as a student I say this is the worst thing ever

Two Kinds of People

Two Kinds of People

Two Kinds of People- excuse the language :) I may or may not be the second person.

Mean Girls "She doesn't even go here!!"--My favorite part of the movie!!

Mean Girls She doesnt even go here! haha my fav part of mean girls!

Disnumblr - Imgur


findalittlehappiness: “ everybody wants morgan freeman to narrate their life but I want five sassy singing lady muses ” and that’s the gospel truth ”

Awww - for some reason this just struck me as hilarious and adorable. | Odd Compliments Winner Face

daily odd compliment - I have thought about this a million times, and I hope that I have a friend in my life that would know which picture to show

When someone who's normally mean pays you a compliment (Funny Relationship Pictures) - #compliment #mean

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