I love Lucy and Lucille Ball. Hehe when I was little my gma always would remember how I'd used to say," Lucy, I'm home!) b/c she introduced me to I love Lucy:)

Thats really fricking cute. Like, i dont get romantic attraction, but goshdarn, thats really fricking cute. Reminds me of Aphrodite :)<<< Oh yeah! I read a one-shot based off of this, but Aphrodite hadn't come to mind at all!

Literally read it in my head and started crying. I kid you not there are legit tears in mine eyes<< I can't breathe omf

How many homophobes does it take to change a lightbulb? They're afraid of change, even if it will make the world a brighter place. <<< that is one sick burn!

So if I wasn’t in the SPN fandom, which aired in I was I’m a fake fan?

Alfabeto de gatos:

Alfabeto de gatos: cat alphabet - create name tags to welcome new resident-neighbors, coloring pages for days of the week, memory nudges for important events

A girl grows up thinking all doors are automatic, but actually she's haunted by a really polite ghost. So chivalry IS dead?

I want to speak alot of languages but now i speak two and i already mess those up.

I Waste So Much Time

Legit bc no one could speak dragon except this dude, so everyone who came near thought the dragon was being all scary but really it was just crying out for help.

There's No Way You Won't Laugh At One Of These 100 Tumblr Posts

There's No Way You Won't Laugh At One Of These 100 Tumblr Posts

I hate getting strange looks every time I try to order unsweetened tea. I just can't handle the sugar water that they call sweet tea; I'm sorry I tried, I just can't do it!



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