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Hi, I'm just a simple girl who love to have fun.

yeah. the second girl i've ever fallen in love with. that hurt way more than the first. the second one, she was so very beautiful in every way but she moved...god, it broke my heart. i still think about her everyday. it's been over a year. i hope to move on one day.

This is exactly how it happened, and if I do it right, it's how it will happen for my kids despite technology.

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...and even if all we'll ever be is just friends, I'll still take that.

Its not that I stopped caring, its that it wouldn't change anything. So I'll pretend until I don't have too anymore.

But you love her not me. I need to except you are only my best frrinx nothing else will ever happen with us. But I love you

i like you and i know its kind of pointless because you could alot better than me

Opening up this big box full of insecurities has really got me thinking. I guess you don't really realize how much you're hurting yourself until you face it. Time to let it all go even if it hurts.

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What's even more dumb? Believing that he loves you back when he is just using you...he loves someone else and you are just one of the many girls he uses :(

Then don't tell me..... because I don't care about your sick games. It is not your business what I do. You are not part of my life. Evaporate into some mental institute where they can help your sick problems

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I am still feeling this after almost 7 months and hope it never goes away....

Yes. But I want it to be the right guy and I would have to be like 16 before my parents let me date.

i've never had a boyfriend, or a boy who had a crush on me, or even a boy i talk to, except for this one guy, we barely ever talk tho

I may not be the hottest or prettiest girl out there but trust me, if you give me a chance, I will love you like no one else could.

For the girls who have it hard but don't let any one know that. For the girls thinking about that one boy wondering if he will ever notice her.

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Just tell her. Do it right now, unless its too late and shes sleeping... in wide awake *wink* lol jk. Just go tell her

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this is an amazing way to take a photo with those who have passed on! Love the sweet way this bride included her deceased grandma in her wedding