"Our electricity bill has been dropping for years. It's the result of a combination of little and big DIY things we've done around the house that has added up to real savings, despite increases from the utility company.” I wish I had known about these tricks years ago—so awesome!

10 DIY Ways to Reduced Your Electric Bill


How to get the most out of your Costco membership - Fun Cheap or Free

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My sweet friend Anna (a CPA and the one who keeps her home finances in check) wrote this GREAT series on money! Help pin and repin this if you're interested in a simple way to keep a home budget. Anna Pie: A Slice of My Life: Budget Basics Part 2 - How To Maintain A Budget

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15 Ways to Save $54.79 - Saving this much every day would equal $20,000. Numbers 5 and 6 are great ways to save money AND save the environment.

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Using Your Rent to Build Credit: What to Know

Using Your Rent to Build Credit - Credit Sesame


Many people associate mystery shopping with being a scam. Find out how you can make extra money being a mystery shopper and where you can get started.

Making Extra Money as a Mystery Shopper - Frugal Fanatic


9 Ways to Save More Money at Target! ~ from TheFrugalGirls.com ~ you'll love these simple tips to save BIG! #thefrugalgirls

Ways to Save at Target in Deals, Printable Coupons


It was never a goal of mine to get into the 800 Credit Score Club. I had credit card debt all throughout college and student loans after grad school. Let me show you how I managed a near-perfect credit score!

Save to Splurge |


What if it were easy to save money? It's not most of the time, but here are 15 great ways to help you on that road today! #budget #savemoney

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Don't know how to set up a budget? It's not hard, learn the steps. #budget #savemoney

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Living On One Income-Taking Action: Steps you can take now if you plan on going from a two income household to one.

Living On One Income-Taking Action


You know it's important to live below your means, but how do you get there? These 10 tips provide practical examples of how to cut back and save money.

How to Live Below Your Means - Letters from Sunnybrook


Anxiously Engaging: $125 Month Grocery Budget for Two: Meal Planning (and other planning)

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Wedding budget tips: These tips will help you throw a fabulous, yet frugal wedding — on a #budget! (Photo: ClipArt from Microsoft Office Online, Link from BlissfullyDomestic.com)

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Great tips for people like me who shop at Target way too often and could use some money saving tips & hints!

16 Secrets For Shopping At Target That Will Blow Your Mind


Wise ways to invest a $5,000 nest egg

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Easy ways to save money on EVERYTHING. Great ideas!

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Extreme Couponing Tips Coupon Binder Category Labels

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Congrats, You Landed Your First Job! Here's How All the Money Stuff Works, from Taxes to 401Ks

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The Ultimate Printable Budget Binder. Features 10 + amazing printables for keeping your budget on track!

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Maybe not for a Disney trip, but a practical idea. Maybe to do every other week?

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How to Have a Baby Without Going Broke

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Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of coupons available. Create a coupon organization system to help maximize savings!

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Just tried this for the first time and I got coupons for all 15 items I put in - Coupon hack

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