Hannah Vesihiisi

Hannah Vesihiisi

Hannah Vesihiisi
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fern leaf tattoo... pretty

beautiful fern leaf tattoo I love nature inspired tattoos and art in general

Beautiful...but where does the ground end? And I think I'd prefer it flipped the other direction.

Epic arm tattoo: barren tree & forest with birds circling the top - black and grey. Great contrast & love the concept. Very dark & foreboding.

Sarah DeAzevedo, SLC back nature wheat tattoo

Sarah DeAzevedo, SLC back nature wheat tattoo l My aunt did this, I'd totally get it or something along the lines of it on my side.

lord of the rings tree tattoo white ink. white tree of gondor in white ink. Nice

The white tree of Gondor done in white ink tattoo ~ I've never thought I would like a tattoo for myself, but I might like one of these. I mean white. not the tree of Gondor. = } I like the white.

Tattoo Artist - Xoil  Tattoo | www.worldtattoogallery.com/back_tattoos

xoil tattoo - love the style of this tattoo but would like redwood trees or monterey cypress and instead of random geometric shape would want books

lace woman tattoo - ink

Best Lace woman tattoo design idea See unique Lace woman tattoo ideas for men and women. See more about Lace woman tattoo

Ferns. I could go for this, in a leafy gauntlet sort of way... (untitled / /meaghan préfontaine)

I wonder if anyone in Crescent City is willing to tattoo ferns on their arm? I just can't picture this on a fern cutter's or fernery owners arm.