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Spiritual Inspiration

spiritualinspiration: “ My times are in your hands… Psalm NIV. In life, oftentimes we are waiting for something; waiting for a dream to come to pass, waiting to meet the right person, waiting.

If you believe in these things even if you don't see them and hear them but you know there there. Why can't you believe in a God who is here and there, very loud, and you can see his works everyday?

--quote found inscribed in concentration camp. Love this. (PS this is also from a song that we sing at Girl's camp. it would be awesome if we got it from the person in the Concentration camp!

Sunday Encouragement. This is beautiful! I need to make one for myself to put on my wall.

God's answer to your sad sayings and sighs. A nice chart showing you where to find the BIBLE VERSE PROOF that God never leaves you alone. incl Joshua 1 and Matthew end.