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Skyr Icelandic yogurt- my new obsession. It's like Greek yogurt but thicker and with more protein! I found Siggi's at Target, but you can get other brands at Whole Foods.

Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt - It's like Greek yogurt but thicker and with more protein! You can buy it at Whole Foods, Target, & Kroger's.

lopapeysas (traditional icelandic sweater)

lopapeysas (traditional icelandic sweater) --- Sarah-Lambert goal: I will get one of these sweaters and learn how to pronounce this word.

Háifoss Waterfall, Iceland photo via megan - Blue Pueblo

Haifoss, Iceland, AKA 'super-crazy-no-way-it's-that-gorgeous-in-person-land'. Haifoss Waterfall, Iceland photo via holly

Bjork/ this portrait depicts a compassion rarely seen though a photo.

Björk by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Debut album cover, The INFP pin-up girl (woman).

This pendant is an international affair.  Go for the wanderlust look and pair your favorite countries together of a fun, layered statement. I wants so bad!

Maya Brenner International Pendant

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