Hanna Är

Hanna Är

Helsinki, Finland
Hanna Är
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Luonnon aakkoset (esim. aakkosjärjestyksen opetteluun).

Mae a natural alphabet! It would be fun to go on a hike with a camera and try to capture find/make every letter with the kiddos!

Kauniisti menee värit :).

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Land Art by 2nd Graders, "Window of Color"; YES Fundraiser Project by cproppe, via Flickr

Land Art by Graders, "Window of Color"; YES Fundraiser Project by cproppe…

Land art by Richard Shilling - Sandstone Stack

The piece is called Land Art by Richard Shilling. It's a very interesting piece that shows rocks balancing on top of each other. This couldn't work without balance and you can clearly see that