Cute way to wear a vest.

Adorable Fall Outfit: Grey Knitted Long Sleeve + Light Denim Was Vest, Black Leggings + Grey Quilted Purse

Spring / Summer - street style - boho chic style- beach style - white v-neck t-shirt + distressed ragged shorts + tribal print colorful oversized sweater

Winter Outfit. Adorbs. Teen Fashion. By-Iheartfashion14 →follow←

20 Style Tips On How To Layer Your Clothes To Stay Warm This Winter

White sweater, fur lined vest. The grey fur lined vest, white fringed sweater or white grandma sweater, and white top underneath. Long necklace looks good as an accessory!

Cozy Sweater

Beige Striped Sequin Spun Gold Irregular Blend Sweater

Beige Bright Wire Striped V-neck Cotton Blend Sweater or any medium Cream ( oversized) love this sweater

"Assemblage" by KnitChick2, pattern by Norah Gaughan

Assemblage by Norah Gaughan with Embossed Honeycomb Stitch in leiu of ribbing--another beautiful sleeve detail

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