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an abstract pattern with circles in red and white
mySPOTTI | Küchenwand, Badrückwand & Spritzschutz-Produkte
the letters are made up of different colors
Wallsculpture B21
Wallsculpture Hans Huitinck 2020
a light switch cover with two buttons on it's side and one in the middle
Wallsculpture Hans Huitinck Rotterdam
a blue and white wall mounted object on the side of a wall in a room
Louise Blyton on Instagram: “Baby baby blue. #smallsculpture #reductive #babyblue #littleone #louiseblyton”
a piece of art made out of blue clay
Altoon Sultan on Instagram: “Uprights, 2019, painted porcelain, 12 x 9 5/8 x 1/2 in. #altoonsultan”
a pile of wooden boxes stacked on top of each other in an empty room next to a white wall
Nancy on Instagram: “#AngelaDeLaCruz”
a large cart with many items on it in an empty room next to a wall
Nancy on Instagram: “#MichaelJohansson”
a white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden block
Hauser & Wirth on Instagram: “‘Every form I can imagine is based on experience, so if I want to arrive at a form that has never been experienced, I have to start by…”
a white wall with squares and rectangles on the bottom, against a white background
John Van Oers on Instagram: “'The in and outside walls of the Parental Home', 2016. (1/7) #sculpture #architecture #contemporaryart…”
an abstract white sculpture on a wall in the shape of a woman's head
Xavier Hufkens on Instagram: “Wyatt Kahn’s exhibition at the gallery closes today. - Kahn: "A work of any kind should already be a thing that is the byproduct of the…”
a concrete sculpture sitting on top of a white table
europe on Instagram: “DAVID HANES . . WIERDO_01 (2019) aluminium⠀ . . #davidhanes #____studio . . #contemporarysculpture #aluminium #contemporaryart #sculpture…”
an abstract sculpture sitting in front of a white wall
europe on Instagram: “CHARLOTTE POSENESKE . . Vierkantrohre Serie D, 1967-2016 6 elements, hot-dip galvanised sheet steel tubes 207.5 x 50.5 x 226.5 cm (81 3/4 x…”
a white wall mounted art piece on the side of a wall in an empty room
Martijn Sandberg on Instagram: “‘No Image No Message’, perforated aluminium, 100cm x 100cm - In the cut paintings, there is a subtle play between the language of the image…”
a large metal sculpture sitting inside of a building
Avant Arte on Instagram: “Body of Thought by Richard Deacon #richarddeacon”
three tables made out of wooden pallets sitting on top of each other in an empty room
Katherine Meehan on Instagram: “#RichardDeacon Mire, 2017 #wood #stainlesssteel #sculpture #contemporarysculpture #contemporaryart #mariangoodman”