Homemade Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations for kids to make. Christmas activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Your go-to pinboard for easy Christmas crafts for kids!
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Mandala CD Ornaments - have the kids turn your old, scratched cds and dvds into beautiful mandala decorations for the Christmas tree. A calm, relaxing art project for art class, craft camp or as a party activity. Great for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids too! -Happy Hooligans

CD Mandala Ornaments for Kids to Make - Happy Hooligans

3-Ingredient, Delicous Vanilla SNOW Ice Cream! Start a new winter-time tradition with your family, and whip up a batch of ice cream with a big bowl of freshly-fallen snow. - Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans

Make 1-ingredient Maple Syrup Snow Candy in your own backyard in 3 simple steps! A Canadian Winter tradition! As fun to make as it is to eat! - Happy Hooligans

How to Make Maple Syrup Snow Candy - Happy Hooligans

A colourful scratch art "family portrait" for kids to make and give. This classic art techniques STILL fascinates and captivates me. Colour your page cover it with paint, and then scratch your art! Happy Hooligans

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Chocolate Chip Candy Cane Bark! SO easy!! Just 3 ingredients, and it's ready in minutes! Perfect for holiday entertaining or to give as gifts for teachers, friends and neighbours!

3-Ingredient Chocolate, Candy Cane Holiday Bark - Happy Hooligans

Coffee filter, jewelled trees are fun for all ages to make! The process is fascinating and allows kids to observe and learn about water absorption.

Coffee Filter Jewelled Trees for Kids to Make - Happy Hooligans

Kids can strengthen their fine motor skills while making this adorable beaded tissue paper tree. They'll love crumpling up the tissue paper for it too!

Beaded Tissue Paper Tree - A Fine-Motor Preschool Craft for Christmas - Happy Hooligans

Mosaic DVD Ornaments - Another use for old cds and dvds - Happy Hooligans

Easy, Gorgeous Mosaic DVD Ornaments - Happy Hooligans

Scratch Art Christmas Cards! Remember doing this awesome art process when you were a kid? We used it recently to make some Christmas cards for friends and families. The kids loved the technique! I'll bet you could make your gift tags this way too! - Happy Hooligans

Scratch Art Christmas Cards for Kids to Make - Happy Hooligans

I love, love, love these simple homemade ornaments. Sparkly, colourful and gorgeous, and they're totally easy and inexpensive to make using tin foil and a few gems and jewels. Little kids will love the colourful process, and big kids can get really creative with the designs they make. Hey, I'm not going to lie. I thoroughly enjoyed making a few of my own. - Happy Hooligans

Tin Foil Tissue Paper Ornaments for Kids - Happy Hooligans

Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath for Preschoolers and Toddlers to Make - Happy Hooligans

Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath for Kids - Happy Hooligans

Sharpie and Alcohol Ornaments for Kids - A beautiful and fascinating technique that turns Sharpie ink into Tie-Dye! - Happy Hooligans

Sharpie and Alcohol Ornaments - Happy Hooligans

Tissue Paper Ornaments - so easy and really fun to make. Love the vibrant colours. And they cost practically nothing to make because you're using scraps of used tissue paper! Love that! Happy Hooligans

Easy Tissue Paper Ornaments for Kids - Happy Hooligans

Easy, gorgeous white clay ornaments! It's just baking soda and cornstarch. You just add water, heat and stir. This stuff makes the brightest, whitest ornaments ever! So fun and easy for preschool Christmas crafts! - Happy Hooligans

2-Ingredient white clay dough ornaments - happy hooligans

Ballerina ornaments made with craft sticks and coffee filters! A wonderful Christmas craft for preschoolers and toddlers. Dyeing the coffee filters is such a fun process! Little dancers will LOVE this craft! - Happy Hooligans

Ballerina Ornaments for preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

Put the last of the cereal to good use, and make a few of these Fruit Loops ornaments! Great way for toddlers to develop pincer grip and fine motor skills!

Fruit Loops Ornaments

Paper Plate Gingerbread Man Craft - One of the cutest gingerbread crafts we've made! Great for toddlers and preschoolers, and perfect for a letter "G" unit. - Happy Hooligans

Adorable Paper Plate Gingerbread Man - Happy Hooligans

35 creative ways to use leftover candy canes for crafts, treats and science experiments - Happy Hooligans

35+ Creative Ways to Use Leftover Candy Canes - Happy Hooligans

Easy Christmas crafts for kids to make. All 12 of these homemade Christmas ornaments are easy, affordable, and use very basic craft supplies.

Christmas crafts for kids - easy homemade ornaments - Happy Hooligans

12 easy, adorable Christmas Tree ornaments that look like Christmas Trees! Easy enough for tots to make, but so charming, kids of all ages will love them.

Christmas Tree Ornaments for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Make

Tin foil Christmas Tree Ornaments: an easy homemade ornament for kids, using basic materials: tin foil, tissue paper and craft gems.

Gorgeous Easy Tin Foil Christmas Tree Ornaments - Happy Hooligans

Easy Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments - Happy Hooligans

Easy Paper Candy Canes - Happy Hooligans

Quick and Easy Paper Candy Canes Craft- happy hooligans

35+ fabulous, creative ways to use leftover candy canes. Fudge, cookies, drinks, ice cream snacks, crafts, gifts, science projects and more! - Happy Hooligans

35+ Creative Ways to Use Leftover Candy Canes - Happy Hooligans

4-Ingredient Christmas Bark Recipe - SO easy and delicious! Great for the fam, but perfect for packaging up for teachers, friends and neighbours. - Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans