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#PurpleInspiration This is your life!! your chance. Life it in happiness and peace. No one gets to tell you who you are or who you can be. You decide, only you. Live free of domestic violence!


- just breathe -

Know that no ones measure of success should matter to you but your own. Theres a lot of unhappy people who look successful... and there are some very happy complete people who look average...Define your own success and be you. Yours Truly

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Baby Cute Little Cats “This universe is a mass shared dream that all six-and-a-half billion of us are collaboratively dreaming up into materialization. When we realize this, we can put our lucidity together so that we can co-creatively dream a much m

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Ashlee Sara Jones on Instagram: “Tuesday words to live by! #quotes #wellsaid #words #wordstoliveby #wisewords #true #truth #love #tuesday”

I like the simplicity of this picture. We live in such a fast pace world patience doesn't come easy to most of us. Patience to me is being gentle and not demanding. Love is trusting and being thankful.

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