ALSO!!! Areas prone to flooding and tsunamis and hurricanes! "So, the land is below sea-level, no way we'll be able to go out there." "Actually, some houses there are built on barges so they just float if the water gets too high!" "You liVE THERE??!"

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Taxless and classless. - Imgur

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She's making a list And checking it twice Gotta find out who's tasty or nice, Sasha's claws are going to towwnnnn

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can i have a chariot pulled by cats<<< I've literally always wanted a rolling chair pulled by dogs**Well that's all fun and games until you hit a crack or something and go flying...

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This is important to remember. Every single person gay or straight had a soul. Every. Single. Person. and it it's our job as Christians to pray for and to minister to these people, God made everyone special and He loves us very much.

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