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Get to know you game: You send around a bowl of skittles without telling them that it is part of your game. You do tell them not to eat their skittles yet though. So, after everyone has a bunch of skittles you explain that for every skittle they have, they need to tell something about themselves.

Skittles get to know you game

Great team work idea. The strings are tied to a rubber band. Can they work together to pick up the cups and build a pyramid out of them only by holding their own string?


Science Gal: Setting Expectations for Group Work


Mike Abrahamson on

LOVE THIS GAME. We called it atomic waste. Everyone has to work together to get the balls from one bucket into the other without spilling.


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Youth Games- I like Medusa, Best Sucker, Taste the Rainbow, Bob for Donuts, Head Pop It, Foot Volleyball, M Hunt, Water War, Battle of the Oranges, Gummy Bear Contest, and Sock Wrestling.


Ultimate Birthday Party Game for Teenagers!

Science Gal: Setting Expectations for Group Work - Tie 4 strings around an elastic and the kids have to stretch the elastic as a team to pick up red solo cups and place them in a configuration. Also has ideas for individual roles that can be rotated.


Science Gal: Setting Expectations for Group Work