Making a cute snowman or snow picture use one of these faces to get the best looks ⛄️

Below is where I found these, but they'd be great faces on balloon designs too: Snowman Faces Embroidery Machine Design Details. Use for Hand Embroidery snowman, doll faces.

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How to Cut Snowman Snowflakes (2 ways!)

So fun! Frozen Whipped Cream Cubes for Holiday Hot Chocolate | Carrie Sellman for

Whipped Cream Cubes

Frozen whipped cream cubes for holiday hot chocolate! Make ahead and keep in the freezer for festive drinks all season long.

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19 Amazingly Cute Ideas For Christmas Treats That You Can Actually Make

Holiday recipes - Super cute marshmallow snowman for hot cocoa. This is a super cute way to decorate marshmallows (including a recipe for homemade minty ‘mallows if you really wanna get crazy).

Cute Christmas card for kids to make

Just about everyone sends cards to friends and family during the holiday season. Instead of buying cards this year put the kids to work. Everyone feels special when they receive a card but a cust…

Watercolor Snowflakes - Preschool Activities and Printables|Preschool Activities and Printables

Snow/Winter Theme Week - Watercolor appearing snowflakes -“invisible snowflakes” with white crayon on white paper. Then when they paint over them with watercolor, the snowflakes appear like magic.

Symmetrical snowflakes made from strips of construction paper with added punched-out patterns

Great for WInter Time- snowflakes made from strips of construction paper with added punched-out pieces to form a pattern. Be sure to have the children cut out the strips on their own if they are able, great for fine motor

Snowman Garland - this could work so well as a lesson in recognizing and labeling emotions!

Snowman Garland: white paper plates & different colors of card stock for embellishment. You can discuss shapes and colors of the facial parts! Could use cardstock for snowman face too.

Make your own snowman using homemade playdough at The Snowman Factory! Makes a great classroom center for winter sensory play or a fun invitation to create at home! ~

Winter Activities for Kids: A Snowman Factory!

Having some winter activities for kids on hand can be great on those snowy or rainy days. Here's one of our favorites using homemade playdough ~ a snowman factory! Children will have a blast creating all kinds of playdough snowmen!

A great idea for using QR Code Research Mats. Perfect for supporting research in younger grades! Grab the penguins and polar bears mat as a FREEBIE!

Penguins and Polar Bears: 1st Grade Research

QR Codes in grade Research of Antarctic Penguins & Arctic Polar Bears (via The Brown-Bag Teacher)