Love Quotes

I love you! Positive love and marriage quotes to inspire you and your loved one.

Love Quotes

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Choose to love today. There's no guarantee for tomorrow.

Marriage wisdom, prayer is powerful....

So which religious book tells husbands and wives to have sex regularly? . . . . That would be the Bible. And, for good reason. There is much to compromise marriages, these days. Say "No!" to temptation by saying "Yes!" to each other, often. www.MatthewLJacob...

All of marriage is a picture of Christ and the church – including physical affection. Same Team!!! :) :) :)

How do you stay together through both the good times and hard times? How can your marriage hold up under the pressures and challenges over the years? Here's one thing you'll both need! This One Thing That Held Our Marriage Together ~ Club31Women

Choose to love today. There's no guarantee for tomorrow.

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Be the Life of your home, bring the sparkle of laughter and joy to other people.~ Elizabeth George

Does your husband know that he's a true hero? He might not know how you appreciate all that he does, so here are some great ways to tell him how much you do! 3 Ways to Let Your Man Know He's the Real Hero ~ Club31Women

Make her the most cherished woman she knows. Get the book 100 Ways To Love Your Wife.

Good men willingly receive from their wives but they are not mere takers. They want their wives to receive from them, too, and receiving involves not merely being physically present in the bedroom . . . it involves far more.

Make your marriage better by parenting as a team.

It is possible to stay alive with a little water and a few nutrients. It’s unhealthy. It’s no fun . . . but it is possible. And, even though no one would choose survival rations when it comes to our bodies, too often spouses make that choice when it comes to marriage. Don’t make the mistake of doling out the bare minimum when it comes to your spouse.

Do you ever wish you were closer friends with your husband? Well, you can! Here are some great ways to become best-friends with the man you married. 5 Ideas for Becoming Best Friends With Your Husband ~ Club31Women


From the Book, "100 Ways To Love Your Wife" A cherished heart is a beautiful place.

What good men want often gets lost in the cliché of the one thing men are interested in. There’s always a grain of truth in a cliché or a stereotype and, admittedly, there’s more than a grain of truth to the cliché. But, we’re talking about good men, and sex is never enough for, and will never satisfy a good man. He wants far more from his wife than that. So, what is it that Good Men want from their wives?


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The grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence . . . if you're taking care to water and nurture the "grass" of you're own marriage. #StayFaithful www.MatthewLJacob...

This is so very beautiful! Here is one fun and very simple way to make your marriage a big success. It's one of the sweet secrets that happy couples share! One Thing Happy Couples Do ~ Club31Women

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