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Love Quotes

I love you! Positive love and marriage quotes to inspire you and your loved one.

Love Quotes

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The best marriages have two people who keep pursuing each other long after the wedding. Date night . . . a #1 priority after the wedding.

"I want to inspire my husband my husband. I want him to look at me and say, 'Because of you I didn't give up.'" -Fawn Weaver

"I want the kind of marriage that makes my kids want to get married." -Emily Wierenga

Do you know how much power a simple kindness can have in your marriage? How choosing the kind thing - even in difficult moments and hard times - can impact your marriage? How A Simple Kindness Can Change Your Marriage ~ Club31Women

Marriage wisdom teaches us to focus on the future, not continue to bring up the past. True forgiveness doesn't focus on the past but loves today and looks to tomorrow with hope.

Intimacy plays such a powerful role in marriage. Here both a husband and wife share how to enjoy a closer and more loving intimate relationship. Enjoying Intimacy - Encouragement for the Married Couple {from a Husband & Wife} ~ Club31Women

Inspiring Quotes Only Women Will Understand: Inspiring quotes never get old.

Her desire to be cherished never fades

So much I want to share with her. So many things I want her to know. But what to say? How do I tell her everything she should know before that special day? One Hundred Things I Want to Share Before She's a Bride ~ Club31Women

What goes into a joyful and loving marriage? So much is made up of these small things. So beloved bride -whether newly married or not- here's a gift for you! 20 Little Things That Make a Big Difference in your Marriage ~Club31Women

There's always room to be a better person. ALWAYS.

Well said.

The wedding, the honeymoon . . . it was awesome but, now it's over. What kind of marriage are you going to have? An excellent, satisfying, rewarding marriage . . . sounds good, doesn’t it? It also sounds like an endangered species. Do you know many couples enjoying one? So, what does that rare couple enjoying the fantastic marriage have that so many can’t seem to find?

Feel Proud of your Spouse.

Be Good Parents. Gross Out Your Kids! Because I never want my kids to doubt that I'm completely in love with their dad.

How does a married couple live in unity? How do two people begin to think and act as one? Here are 4 ways a married couple can stand together as one! Unity: How We Stand Together As One ~ Club31Women

You were not created to compete with your husband

the best thing you can do for your marriage

How to Get the Eagerness of the Proverbs 31 Woman

We all married sinners...that makes marriage hard.

It is not your love that sustains the marriage but rather, the marriage that sustains your love. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Have standards based on the Lord's teachings, not the world's. Run after God with your whole entire heart, instead of waiting for it to be filled with a man.

How to keep the romance ALIVE