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    Love Quotes

    I love you! Positive love and marriage quotes to inspire you and your loved one.

    Love Quotes

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    Do you pray for your marriage? For unity, for forgiveness, and for faithfulness? Here is a beautiful prayer to seek God for oneness in your marriage - plus a FREE printable! ~ Club31Women

    Greatly improve your marriage by placing your focus for what needs to change where it belongs.

    IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE . . . READ THE BOOK! 100 Ways To Love Your Wife

    10 Things Strong Couples Do to Keep the Romance in Marriage After Kids! How many are you doing? From The Dating Divas. {I love every single one of these tips.}

    "Being loved just as you are is the greatest currency on earth. It is immeasurable in value and can never truly be repaid." -Fawn Weaver

    From the Book, "100 Ways To Love Your Wife" A cherished heart is a beautiful place.

    His love, his faithfulness, his guidance, his unending, never-changing love-- these attributes encourage my heart to know that he wants what is best for me. #onemorestep Click through for 21 ways of giving thanks, even through tough circumstances.

    We've all met people who say things they shouldn't. In fact, we may have been the one who let the words fly before filtering them. But when the wrong was said and done, instead of leaving it in the past, we carried it around like an albatross. The weight of it affects every opportunity on our path. What if we took the strength we muster to grip resentment and channeled it towards forgiveness and release? #onemorestep

    What do you do when your husband hurts your feelings? Offends you? Or does something that simply makes you crazy? It's always good to have a plan---you know, just in case....{includes free printable!}~ Club31Women

    It is possible to stay alive with a little water and a few nutrients. It’s unhealthy. It’s no fun . . . but it is possible. And, even though no one would choose survival rations when it comes to our bodies, too often spouses make that choice when it comes to marriage. Don’t make the mistake of doling out the bare minimum when it comes to your spouse.

    Don't let hard times destroy your marriage. You can move past offenses and thrive. Here's how.

    The best thing you can do for your marriage is pray for your spouse everyday. Spend more time talking to your spouse then anyone else all day.

    Every couple will experience both ups and downs throughout life. Hold on when the going gets tough, because that’s when he’ll need you the most. Join us on the blog today as we talk about Loving Our Husbands Through the Hard Times.

    GMG SOS 8-6-7[3]

    Song of Solomon 4:7

    Sometimes a fresh perspective and some new ideas are what's needed. This book is very practical and very short! Perfect for every husband! Put Your Marriage on the road to Awesome!

    Lord, please be protecting our unions. Give to each of us: A sweetness of speech. A desire to work through struggles and stick to it when we are tempted to flee. Eyes only for each other. A desire to serve the other.....~ FREE Printable from Club31Wome

    What goes into a joyful and loving marriage? So much of it is really made up of these small things! ~ Club31Women

    How do you find the deep friendship that the best marriages enjoy?

    Our marriage impacts every aspect of our lives. At you'll find a wide variety of articles on most aspects of marriage for both women and men.

    What if there was something that your husband really wished from you? Something simple but very important? Here's what he might tell you if he only could....~ Club31Women

    Do you pray for your marriage? For unity, for forgiveness, and for faithfulness? Here is a beautiful prayer to seek God for oneness in your marriage - plus a FREE printable! ~ Club31Women

    Sometimes men need creative input for keeping things in marriage fresh. This is a short, practical resource for every husband who could use ideas for creatively loving his wife in ways meaningful to her.

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