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Things I love

luv it

Omg. my heart has melted

Elephant Mom And Baby Handprint, plus other cute animals to make out of hand/foot prints @Amanda Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Aleman

I want this little guy to ride on my shoulder where ever I go.

Puppy in footy pajamas. I screamed loudly when I saw this dog. I can't stop looking at him. Help me!

Send a picture of your dog and they'll make you a stuffed one. And the money goes to help shelter animals. This is awesome! Yup!

the princess bride

A bilby is a master digger & tunnel creator. Typically a bilby will have up to a dozen tunnels built within its home range that it uses for shelter and as a refuge from predators. Since it is a marsupial, the female bilby has a backward facing pouch which prevents dirt from getting inside when she is digging.

I love this bunny. Seriously.