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YoRHa 2B by Artgerm

black dress black legwear blindfold breasts drag-on dragoon dress gloves leotard lips medium breasts nier (series) nier automata short hair silver hair solo stanley lau sword thighhighs weapon white leotard yorha no. 2 type b - Image View -

Anime picture with d.gray-man allen walker timcanpy tall image short hair open mouth looking at viewer brown eyes fringe white hair holding sleeveless muscle male weapon sword pants mask bandage (bandages)

Psycho-Pass. Really good anime. Unpredictable plot. Bittersweet.

Psycho-Pass OST - Track 01 - PSYCHO-PASS by Venus von Knightwalker on SoundCloud -- 21 February 2013 -- 42640 424 -- great episode for this song.

Psycho Pass Wallpaper by fednan on deviantART-

Psycho-Pass takes place in the near future where people live their lives under a system that judges others for their crimes. Probably has become one of my most favorite sci-fi anime