Panda Cub Waving HELLO Wallpaper from Animal-Lovers. This little panda seems to be waving hello. This is a sweet picture.

Sleepy koala

Funny pictures about Sleeping Baby Koala. Oh, and cool pics about Sleeping Baby Koala. Also, Sleeping Baby Koala photos.

Golden/Husky Mix, I dare you to show me a cuter puppy. [this definitely isn't a golden/husky mix. or at least, not only golden & husky, but adorable nonetheless!


Hyacinth Macaw: With a length (from the top of its head to the tip of its long pointed tail) of about 100 cm ft) it is longer than any other species of parrot. It is the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot species

White faced whistling ducks

White-faced whistling ducks - mutual preening by capreoluskate, Wildlife Photography

koala =)

Baby Koala - "What? That's not a real koala! That's too small to be a real koala!

Shar-pei puppies

best pictures and photos ideas about adorable chinese shar pei puppies - oldest dog breeds