Really great hard surface work in Zbrush from

Steampunk Shotgun Concept

This is a neat piece. It comes off a little flat though, not sure how to alter that while still stick to the image's intention.

:D, lee yongwoong on ArtStation at

RAIN (tumblr_me674eVIDc1qhttpto1_500.jpg 484×750 pixels) This is a dreadfully strong image. What a feel!

The Art Of Animation, kurono #anime #illustration

1b061494c7e8d5c5ee64a0cdaae4e26b.png 600×2,671 pixels

Советский дизельпанк

The streets of Atlantis

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Art by Mathieu Lauffray [Source:]

Whale Back, Anthony Jones on ArtStation at

Dino Busch Poses with Owls for Harbor Magazine

Start your day with some eerie DmC concept art | Rely on Horror

EGM Review: Silent Hill Downpour | EGMNOW

silent hill downpour concept art - Google Search

Silent Hill Downpour concept art | Inner Fear

silent hill downpour concept art - Google Search

silent hill concept art - Google Search

SFIV_PC_Concept_Art_Chun_Li_03.jpg (768×517)

felicia.jpg (901×1266)

anakaris-earlyconcepts-scan.png (690×292)

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