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I think my cat is stuck in the tree... or my kid's head is caught in the banister.  Ok, I don't have a cat ... or a kid... just send THEM!

Excuse me while I light my house on fire. I have a bad obsession with FIREMEN!


I feel like this should be true for every girl. I mean, I've seen so many girls sobbing because some guy just wanted to round the bases. If this were true for more girls then maybe that wouldn't happen.

You are fine.

probably the only "keep calm" thing I will ever post. but oh I will.

First time seeing his daughter. <3  So sweet!

just got tears in my eyes. two of the things i love the most- daddy/daughter stuff and soldiers coming home! First time for this soldier to see his 3 week old daughter. He’s looking at her like she’s made of gold. Too precious

"HEY GIRL. . . ." tonight on great american country!!! 10/9cst #ryangosling #heygirl

Very few things beat a man in three piece suit :) Especially when he's Ryan Gosling.