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Words to use instead of "very"

I am an HP fanfic writer I thoroughly enjoy Marauders era I identify Gryffindor I am wolfstar trash I tend to write sad things I take requests!

IMAX Windham Handcarved Wood Chess Pieces - Set of 2

Windham Handcarved Wood Chess Pieces - Set of 2 - Hand carved with intricate detail, the Windham chess pieces feature a rich brown finish that reveals the natural wood grain. Set of two.

Kitchen essentials

I had one of these. After it was gone we made our own by listing all of the things we buy on a regular basis, with some blank lines for the rarer purchases. Makes grocery lists so much easier - and now my list is always in same order as the store!

Daily Planner Printable day organizer A4 daily by EasyPeasyPaper // Daily Planner Printable, day organizer, A4 daily planner, A5 daily planner, 8.5"x11" - chic student planner ---I just like the layout this one

*NEW* Daily Planner Printable by by EasyPeasyPaper // prefect student planner Visual Clock

Imagen insertada

(PG) Never knew this about plate etiquette and the signals you give with your silverware. Good to know for the fancy places we have been going lately :-?

Chopsticks what NOT todo. But we sometime do... especially "Shoveling with tamago gohan", "Resting", "skewering" ect. But definitely don't do "Standing" and "Transferring". That is what only we do on funeral. やってはいけないお箸のマナー

Chopstick etiquette is no joke! Nobody will judge you if you fumble a bit, but the items listed here are definitely faux pas.