Alaska Ice Climbing

Alaska Ice Climbing, Glacier Trekking and Zipline by MICA Guides is the best way to see Alaska. Since 1999 MICA Guides has been Alaska's best adventure company

five rock-climbing tips for beginners. These are really great tips!

5 rock-climbing tips for beginners. -- Like anything difficult in life, first learn to fall and then get back up.

Armenia Climbing - Jared Nielson Photography

Rock climbing in Garni Gorge, Armenia. The Garni Gorge is situated 23 km east of Yerevan, Armenia. On a promontory above the gorge, the century AD Garni temple may be seen. Garni Gorge is typically referred to as the "Symphony of the Stones.

How to rest during your redpoint. Especially slowing my heart rate down.

Sufficiently recovering at a rest on a rock climb often means the difference between success and failure. You have to rest to redpoint your project—no matter what. Here are some techniques.

The original image that the "Chuck Norris Climber" photoshop shot came from. Fitting Chris sharma is the climber!

Sasha Digiulian taking a big whip off of The Madness, 5.13c, RRG. #independent #badass #pushingthelimits #sensationseeking #extremesports #TheExploratrice

Sasha Digiulian taking a big whip off of The Madness, RRG. These falls (dangerous as they may be) make lead climbing so worth it.