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Here is another small tip how to reuse pieces of an old garden hose to help attach the plastic to the rounded PVC pipes that create the frame work for the hoop house.

Alternative Gardning: How to reuse pieces of an old garden hose

Greenhouse Manual

Compost Heated Greenhouse tour with Jesica Clark. Each bay holds about 1.25 cubic yards of compost materials, a layer of cardboard and a layer of clean mulch goes on top and then the soil.

Heat a greenhouse with compost, even in the city! |

Gardening in the snow. Halifax gardener Niki Jabbour checks on her mini hoop tunnel that lets her grow veggies all winter long. Sheets of plastic let the sun shine in while protecting tender shoots from snow, wind and temperature dips. Photo by Joseph De Sciose

How to grow vegetables all winter long | East Coast Living