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Pratiwi Sanubari
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This artist is so good.... :)

They really must quit making such ridiculously attractive Bucky art. (please don't stop) - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt! Well this just gives me warm fuzzies

Just what the title says :)) this will be a collection of Stucky oneshots.

Bucky tries really hard to make Steve happy, but Steve makes it so difficult for him sometimes.

Junseo(峻曙) 在 Twitter:"≪RIGHT PARTNER≫ Trading card 협력."

Original Pin: oh my god steve whisper sweet nothings into bucky's ear like if we fangirls aren't suffering out here oh yeah

Their roles have changed so much. Now Bucky is the weak one. And Steve is the protector.

[insert loud, pained, endless scream here] [insert all the endless screams here] dear feels, kill me now, get it over and done with stop dragging my pain out T_T