Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds - A simple, gluten free, healthy chocolate treat to feel good about! These sea salt chocolate almonds are soooo good!

honey cinnamon candied almonds

16 delicious roasted nut recipes for the holidays. I love the idea of giving away roasted nuts in a little bag or container around Christmastime. a slight change and/or addition to our overwhelming Christmas cookie tray gifts :)

10 Pumpkin Seed Recipes Fall is in full swing here and now is the perfect time to purchase pumpkins.  This last weekend was very nice and sunny outside.  I

10 Pumpkin Seed Recipes - Swanky Recipes

10 Pumpkin Seed Recipes - Swanky Recipes Everything pumpkin seeds +cumin, chili powder, paprika same as garlic/onion pwdr. Add extra seasoning for Jack!

Crock Pot Cinnamon Almonds. Great Christmas treat---My favorite!

Crock Pot Cinnamon Almonds ~ C Sugar + C Brown Sugar + 3 Tbsp Cinnamon + tsp Salt + 1 Egg White + 2 tsp vanilla + 3 C Almonds + C Water.