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Harry Moon's 15-Book Bundle!
Educator's 15 Book Bundle! – Harry Moon
four books stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes, all with the same title
Easter Special!
Easter Special! – Harry Moon
the book cover for harry moon first light with an image of a man holding a golden object
First Light
New! First Light – Harry Moon
a book cover for the amazing adventures of harry moon, with an image of a boy standing on top of a plant
Ending Easter
"Ending Easter – Harry Moon" --- harry Moon says enough is enough when the evil Mayor Maximus Kligore plans to crush the hopes and dreams of Sleepy Hollow forever and use Easter to do it. In an adventure like no other, Harry discovers that in order to light the darkness, he must be willing to go the very ends of the earth and beyond to access an even deeper magic. Hold tight to your cape. You have never seen Harry like this before!