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Crockpot Chicken Sandwiches - Easy Dinner Recipe

6 hrs LOW - Crockpot Chicken Sandwiches combine chicken, bacon, cream cheese and a ranch dressing packet to make easy dinner a reality!

Inside the Athletic Training Room - Ask the ATC about: ANKLE SPRAINS. via

This is your chance to have a certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) at your service! Having access to Athletic Trainers and the training rooms that they work in are one of the perks of being a competitive.

How Exercise Effects the Classroom

This is interesting, esp. as schools are cutting down recess/playtime & phys ed, and the nutritional value of the food kids eat in schools is completely inadequate. Brains can't work well if the rest of the body isn't being taken care of.

Credit: Aaron Kuehn. Fascinating to the official nursing student here :)

Aaron Kuehn’s Skeleton and Muscle Typograms - Free PDFs for Wall Art. A free and last minute present for someone studying anatomy or friends who love design and typography. Find the Skeleton Typogram here. You can print your own free PDF.

throwing a little #knowledge your way on a classic #injury, the dreaded #ankle #sprain, also known as every high school athlete's worst…

Hanson's Anatomy - Where the art of procrastination meets the study of medicine. The vibrant anatomy & medical notes I created to get through med school.