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Stained glass & Jars

Peacock stained glass is stunning. Not just feathers and color scheme, but outside of the box.

Microwave 3 Tablespoons of water for 30 seconds, add lots of gel food color and dissolve FULLY. Next add 1/2 cup of modpodge. Wait for air bubbles to subside before pouring into the bottle, spin around, turn upside down of paper towels to dry

I Love my spray paint! I really like this site!

Tissue Paper Stained Glass~instructions & free templates

Glow in the Dark Mountain Dew-- Leave about 1/4 inch of Mt.dew in bottle add TINY BIT (1/8 or less) teaspoon of BAKING SODA + 3 cap fulls of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE--- cap on tight and shake.

mixed the paints and water right inside the jar. I used about 1 1/2 teaspoons colored paint & 1/2 teaspoon white paint and just a teeny tiny bit of water! Start out with maybe 1/2 a teaspoon of water because you can always add more. You want it JUST THIN enough to be able to swirl around and coat the inside of the jar. Since none of my jars had lids... I did more of a swirl thing and just kept turning and tilting each jar until completely coated

This is a guide about faux stained glass recycled windows. You can easily create beautiful stained glass looking windows using recycled windows and adding paint or other embellishments.

easy stained glass-- Cellophane Stained Glass Window Craft

Window star tutorial. I started with these then bought a book on it and have advanced. A fun, cheery project! If you can't find the wax kite paper, I've used craft tissue and wet it so the colors bleed. Fun effects!

My first..faux stained glass..made by me on a old was easy..but I want to find a way to make the white glue (dyed black) a little thicker and might try a cake dec bag and small piping tip( it smoothed out to flat & wide).and the clear colored glue could have been thinned out a little so that it would flowed little better easier.another tip is to use a matte felt pen to do your touch up on the piping..or you will have to touch up all of the piping.more directions on my board. have fun

Prairie Style Inspired Stained Glass

Great mercury glass accent lighting! TIP: To make your own mercury glass simply spritz glass with water then spray with Krylon "Looking Glass" spray paint and voila!

Create colored mason jars