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how to grow sweet potato vines . . . I have done this and it works great . . . these make great fillers for planters! ♥

this would be fun to do with Roslyn.DIY: How to Root and Grow a Sweet Potato Vine - if you don't have a green thumb, this is the plant for you! It's very easy to grow and it looks great in containers! - via DIY Cozy Home

pretty snake braid

Do a normal braid, then hold onto the middle strand and push the 2 sides up the braid. (That's pretty & different) Cool! My hair might do it.the little girl's hair though is too fine and might not.

Lots of really cute hair ideas for little girls

Princess Piggies: hair braids lol i know how to do this. how can i just look at a pic of a braid and figure it out. it beats me.