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    Cat Shelves, Condos, Trees & Perches

    Looking for cool ideas to help your cat climb to new heights? Check out this collection of designer cat perches, trees and condos.

    Cat Shelves, Condos, Trees & Perches

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    Catable 2.0 from Lycs Architecture – A Beautiful Embodiment of Catification


    Sauder Scores Big Hit With New Modern Cat Furniture Line


    Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Now Available in Mahogany Finish


    Give Kitty Her Own Ladder to Climb


    KletterLetter Luxury Cat Furniture from Germany

    Set of 3 Two Reclaimed Wood Cat Shelves and One by PorteSueloGoods

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    Cats love to climb on shelves and furniture. So it would be nice if you could find a corner where you could put up some shelves where your cat could sit and have fun. And while you do that you might as well take full advantage of that space and hide some drawers into the shelves. You can store your cat’s toys in there or even valuables.

    Secret drawer ideas – perfect for hiding things in plain sight


    Multi-level Modern Design for Cats From HolinDesign


    New Cat Tower Workstation Concept from DeskElements


    Modern Wood Cat Shelves From HUVEcollection


    Crazy Sisal Cat Climbers from CatastrophiCreations!

    Lotus Cat Tower


    Cat Clouds Cat Shelf


    Wave Cat Perches


    CurvyNest Cat Tree from Catswall (Brown


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    Dress Up Your Wave Perches!

    Custom #catification by Mountain Cat Trees

    How Catification Helped One Family Integrate Their “Brady Bunch”

    Custom #catification by Mountain Cat Trees

    How Catification Helped One Family Integrate Their “Brady Bunch”

    AMAZING cat house. MountainCatTreesCustomDesign1

    How Catification Helped One Family Integrate Their “Brady Bunch”

    Cat wall Catification Cat house Cat furniture

    Getting Vertical with Fundamentally Feline

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    Elegant Designer Cat Furniture from France

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    Multi-level Modern Cat Condos from Trixie Pet Products

    Spiral Cat Trees/Stairs - Real Cabinet-Grade Pine, handmade in USA in Pet Supplies | eBay

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    A Very Fancy and Elaborate Cat Lounge Structure! Like the middle part of in front of window with not the greatest view for us, but cats like it:) #cats #CatTree

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    Cat shelves and stairs design. #cats #CatStairs #CatShelves

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