Grandmother's Portuguese Vinha d'alhos - Haute in Paradise

Sep 19 Grandmother's Portuguese Vinha d'alhos

This is a one pot solution to my grandmother's vinegar marinaded pork. Packed with garlic and chili peppers and boneless pork and cooked to fork tender.

Osso Buco || Haute in Pardise || @hauteinparadise

Osso Buco

Yummy braised veal shanks with a tasty sauce. Perfect for a special occasion or special dinner.

Meat Jun || Haute in Paradise || Korean BBQ || @hauteinparadise

Jan 26 Meat Jun Plate Lunch

Growing up local there was nothing better than field trip days because my Dad would buy me a plate lunch to take with me.

Roasted Tomato Sauce || Meatballs || Kitchenaid || Haute in Paradise || @hauteinparadise

Dec 10 Kitchenaid + Roasted Tomato Sauce with Meatballs

Spicy Tomato Clams Recipe || Haute in Paradise || @hauteinparadise

Nov 3 Spicy Tomato Clams

Spicy Tomato Clams Recipe || Haute in Paradise || @hauteinparadise

Chili || Haute in Paradise || @hauteinparadise

Oct 10 Local Style Chili