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Leaves: The Hawthorne Books Blog
Kassten Alonso shares his playlist with excerpts from his debut novel, Core: A Romance
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On Core: A Romance: "Kassten Alonso takes the reader on a wild ride inside the mind of a profoundly disturbed man as he descends into madness and violence. A beautifully written book. Impossible to put down."—James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces
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Freelance Book Editors for Hire: 23 of the Best in the Publishing Biz
On Core: A Romance: "A novel of considerable daring and precision. In finely worked language, Kassten Alonso explores the border between Hell and the everyday, finding it closer than we might have hoped. A dense, surprising, beautifully worked novel." —Kevin Canty, author of Winslow in Love
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"Kassten Alonso’s amazing Core will startle you. A fierce story that actually taught me to read it as I went deeper and deeper—it’s as if this book is written in a rich, beautiful language I’d once known and somehow forgotten. I’m happy and terrified to have it back."—Peter Rock, author of The Bewildered
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Tom Spanbauer
On Core: A Romance: "Jump through this gothic stained-glass window and you are in for some serious investigation of darkness and all of its deadly sins. But take heart, brave traveler, the adventure will prove thrilling. For you are in the beautiful hands of Kassten Alonso." —Tom Spanbauer, author of The Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon and In the City of Shy Hunters
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Nestucca Spit Press is Under Re-Construction
How is it that Kass's contribution to Citadel of the Spirit, which is about Oregon’s Sesquicentennial, is titled "La-La Land?" You'd have to read it to find out, and this book is sold out. You may be able to find a used copy at Powell's. If you're lucky.
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La Vida Lorca
Kass also reviews theater and books. This one is Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding) by Federic García Lorca.
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Shelf Space - The Art of Violent Forces | Creative Loafing
A gorgeous, fractured novel about a homicidal sculptor of stone and ceramics. There's nothing too disturbing about enjoying the story of a good, naked rutting in the mud... --Thomas Bell, Creative Loafing. Come on! Who doesn't enjoy a good naked mud rutting?
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Literary Arts - Literary Arts
Core: A Romance, by Kassten Alonso, was an Oregon Book Award Finalist 2005.
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Kass and his wife, Monica Drake, were guest critics for the Decanterberry Times, and especially liked three wines.
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In Kass's other life he works at the Multnomah County Library in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon.
Kassten Alonso on Core Part 1. Men Casual, Tops, Casual, Fashion, Shirts, Core, Men, Lot
Kassten Alonso - "Gosh, that's a awful lot of blood" Part 1
Kassten Alonso on Core Part 1.
Kassten Alonso on Core Part 2.
Kassten Alonso - "Gosh, that's a awful lot of blood" Part 1
Kassten Alonso on Core Part 2.
the ashnke library review
Book Reviews, The Absinthe Literary Review
"Kassten Alonso's perversion of the typical 'romance' leaves the reader feeling uneasy yet eager to keep turning the pages." Well, I like the "perversion" part! Also included is that this "debut novel is stark and affecting." All true, but don't take my word for it, read the book.
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Kass's essay, "Sloth: The Demon of Noontide." (Why is there a pic of a tick?)