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    Alison Gibbs

    It is a great blessing indeed to be so loving your life the way I get to.

    The fox is one of my most favorite animals. Even though they are hunted and given a bad rap for stealing chickens (often depicted as evil in shows). They are very smart and beautiful animals. They have the personality of a cat.

    Adopt a dog, happiness and love is waiting for you at your local animal shelter. #adoptdontshop

    I was made for saving animals

    Just call me full-bodied and we're good. Chubby is for little girls. I am like a good wine.

    Monsters Inc + Supernatural = Amazing

    What Kind Of Best Friend Are You? You got: Partner In Crime You and your best friend have stories for days and you’ll probably still be telling them when you’re in a nursing home together decades from now.

    So fun! Rainy Day with my Umbrella Jewelry Necklace, 14K Gold Filled, Brass Jewelry, Gift for Her

    Tied the knot! Call The Midwife's Jessica Raine and Mr Selfridge's Tom Goodman-Hill shared pictures after they wed in secret this week

    This is Nelson, a real war horse that fought in WW1 along side his human, Alfred Henn. Until his death in 2000, Alfred kept a photograph of his war horse he had cherished as a young soldier.

    Mason Jar Lid Tree Ornaments. These are SO cute and easy to do. Customize with whatever material you would like.

    Wife of a departing soldier lifts her son for farewell embrace. Oklahoma, 1945.

    Took the words right out of my mouth!!!! Camping: Paying a bunch of money to pretend we're homeless.

    A US soldier is welcomed home by his wife and baby, 1940s.

    Gold locket with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette

    Hair of Mary Tudor, Queen of France, clipped from her head at the opening of her tomb in 1784 encased in a locket. The famous Tudor red hair.

    Nez Perce with Appaloosa, around 1895. It is said the Nez Perce are responsible for the breeding of the Appaloosa.

    "I have never, ever seen a vintage maternity photo like this. I've very rarely seen any."

    canadian genocide , native american children

    "Brooklyn Supreme" The world's largest horse at 19.2 hands and 3,200 lbs. "Brookie" wore a 40-inch collar and boasted a girth measurement of 10 feet, 2 inches around. It took 30 inches of iron for each of his horseshoes. Foaled in 1928, he eventually became the property of C.G. Good of Iowa. Good's partner, Ralph Fogleman, exhibited the big horse around the country, charging spectators 10 cents apiece. Brookie died in 1948.

    Not only was Snowman a grand champion, he was also a kids' horse! I highly recommend the “The Eighty-Dollar Champion,” a darling little book about a slaughter bound horse who became a national show jumping champion in fairytale style.

    1949-1974 Snowman an older grey plow horse, was rescued off of a slaughter bound trailer by Harry DeLeyer and was instantly recognized as the most bombproof, kindest, and sweetest beginner horse DeLeyer, a life long horse lover/rider/trainer, had ever seen. Little did he know, Snowman would go on to be an unexpected jumping champion who would go on to win the National Horse Show against million dollar horses, imported from around the world.