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Meteor by *BrandonStricker on deviantART

Seems like it's just a guy watching meteors right? NOT IF YOU'RE IN THE SUPERNATURAL FANDOM. His scene made me so sad, and now. Will never be able to look at meteor showers the same way. Or shooting stars. Or just stars. Or the sky!

#levoinspired quotes https://www.pinterest.com/levoleague/inspirational-quotes/

"the best way out is always through." -Robert Frost Today I will use my disappointments as gifts to better understand myself as well as others. I will try to help others overcome their hurts by sharing my struggles and victories with them.

Edward F. Howard

"The robot council finally solved the problem of sentinel robots chasing cars by banning cars." ('The Sentinel' by Edward Howard)

I love this. why is it that we always here someone say to a woman " oh how do you balance work and family?" but you never hear it being said to a man? think about it

because I hear this all the time: "You are just working to support your family, aren't you? You are not a career woman." And by career woman they mean something absolutely terrible. I am as career woman as working men are career men.