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My journey with Aiden. One day I will be able to write what this 4 year old hero, taught me about life.

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go where you feel alive - the ocean!

The first time you screw up, honest mistake. The second time, that was your own damn choice.

You may not see it today or tomorrow quote

If you constantly have to tell someone the same exact thing about how you feel…

If You Constantly Have to Tell (Live Life Happy)


- ̗̀smell the roses ̖́-

My intuition warned me off when I met you but you were family, so I let you in. I don't ever go against my 'knowings' anymore. So I suppose I have you to thank.This is so true!

I find it curious how the people that have no self control or respect for your…

Zero respect for your feelings or boundaries and no self-control ~ but demands that you respect her all the same.