Once Upon A Time… Wicked in coming! New Poster, new drama, can't wait! I can't wait!

Bet you missed Pan in the tree the first time you saw this. Comment if you didnt see him.

Fun Fact: The actor for the Wicked Witch is the same actor who played Charolete on Lost. That adds another Lost character to the OUAT cast.

'Once Upon a Time': Wicked Witch of the West is Lost's Rebecca Mader

One thing i just figured out is that this lady played the aunt in Samantha the American Girl movie. In the movie, she gives Samantha the book The Wizard of Oz

"The queen may be evil, but I am wicked. And wicked always wins." - The Wicked With of the West (OUAT The best line ever!

Kittie Upon a Time: How are you preparing? Show us & you could be included in a custom video

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