creepy baby doll with ....teeth? its been a whilte since i pinned something creepy, so here ya go, another classic for the um... what? board!

10 Creepiest Dolls Ever - creepy dolls, scary dolls

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20 Most Terrifying Masks in the World of Cinema

Creepy #Zombie baby. This is very cool

Creepy Clowns

Decaying Death Toys - These autopsy dolls are made from old toy dolls found in second hand and junk shops by the two creators Jeremi and Nicole and are horrifying.

Today's sneak peek.Meet Evil Rag Doll. Along with Deady Bear, Monkey Chimes, and the 3 Haunted Dolls, Evil Rag Doll is a part of Spirits Evil Toy Collection. She may be young but it doesn't mean she isn't creepy. This animated prop sews her mouth up while humming an eerie tune. Weird, I know. Available at beginning 8/1.

Meet Evil Rag Doll of Spirits Evil Toy Collection. She sews her mouth up while humming an eerie tune.

Papa Boogedy Topknot ~ If I am ever presented with opportunity to purchase one of these hand sculpted, amazing creations by Tom Kuebler, I will not hesitate. ~ Lilith

"Papa Boogedy Topknot" - Thomas Kuebler’s one-of-a-kind and limited edition life-sized character sculptures feature silicone skin, hand-poked and hand-laid hair, acrylic or glass eyes, teeth and extensive detailing.


Ghost Art Doll created by Shain Erin. It's handmade and is 8 inches tall. Is it odd that I find this less creepy than a regular china doll?