gypsy girl

Vintage Picture of Bohemian Gypsy. Lovely idea for a Fortune Teller costume for Friday's Circus Themed party @ 2016 Coco

Betty Compson

Betty Compson, 1897 - American violinist, actress and independent film producer. Acted in at least 50 silent and 24 sound films between

Paola Borboni, 1919

Paola Borboni January 1900 – 9 April was an Italian film actress whose career spanned nine decades of cinema. She also made a substantial contribution to theatre. This image was taken in 1919

Gloria Swanson, 1922

Buy 'Gloria Swanson' by Donna Ingham as a Greeting Card. Retouching and colour of B & W version photograph of the beautiful Gloria Swanson. Gloria Swanson Biography view link Gloria Swanson was extremely popular with fans during the sile.

Victorian Bride

Victorian woman decked in a dress of ruffles, silk & organdy, holding a parasol ultimate time for femininity & photo of a lady wearing a beautiful gown of the era.

GothicVictorian love.

Goth culture takes a lot of cues from the Victorian Era, when big dresses and big, elegant hair were in fashion. Here at Gothic.Life we love Victorian Goth! Some of our favorite authors, like Edgar Allan Poe (Masque of the Red …

Bobbed beauty #Twenties #1920s #flapper

Esther Ralston - 1926 - Photo by Nickolas Muray. Esther Ralston was an American actress whose greatest popularity came during the silent era.

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