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Learning how to disassemble and reassemble firearms can be a pretty difficult task. In particular, or rifles are more difficult than most. I am still learning the ins and outs of these particular rifles and it has definitely been a challenge.

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SBR SUPPRESSED Speed up and simplify the pistol loading process  with the RAE Industries Magazine Loader.

Street Coyote Basic concepts of my build. Free floating, Midrange and suppressed.

Assault rifles & carbines.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE SHOULD BE BANNED. Military only!!!!!

Ammo and Gun Collector: Semi Auto Assault Rifle and Carbine Identification Chart

its also a GIRLS Barbie... who wants a plastic doll when you can have an AR-15?

CARBINE It's like Barbie for men <~~~Now that is funny as hell but so true

Latest Military Technology Reviews, News and Tactical Equipments @

This is an AR I pinned this because I like Military grade weapons.

.25 cal is smaller than 9mm. uit just doesn't look that way!                                                                                                                   More

Different caliber Handgun rounds. Useful for the writer who wants to get it…

Estados Unidos tiene el ejército más fuerte. Militar de Estados Unidos es fuerte e implacable. Luchando por nuestros ciudadanos, los militares es el protector de los Estados Unidos.

I really believe it''s time I get an AR. Even if there may not be any ammo for it in the future. The Janitor's clone, with excellent disruptive camouflage pattern. Unknown if he used Cerakote or not.

Now this is a beautifully put together masterpiece, AR-15 Rifle. | Weapons and armor | Pinterest | Rifles, Guns and Weapons

This is an It is lightweight, magazine-fed, gas-operated, and semi-automatic rifle. This is usually used by select Law Enforcement Officers ( LEO ) who are usually on action.

custom cerakote

Nice color pattern on this Helps break up the outline of a fully black gun