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Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity "Soul, to me, means embodied essence. When we experience ourselves and others in our full humanity: part animal, part divine. Healing comes through embodiment of the soul. The soul in matter is what I think the feminine side of God is all about. The feminine soul is what grounds us. It loves and accepts us in our totality."

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Marion Woodman ` " Marion Woodman : Living by principles is not living your own life. It is easier to try to be better than you are than to be who you are. If you are trying to live by ideals, you are constantly plagued by a sense of unreality. Somewhere you think there must be some joy; it can't be all "must," "ought to," "have to." And when the crunch comes, you have to recognize the truth: you weren't there. Then the house of cards collapses."

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We are living in a civilization that doesn't understand metaphor so that they tend to concretize everything and not even know that's what's going on... The union that they yearn for you know that total coming together … they can’t find, because they concretize the concept. ~ Marion Woodman

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Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman on her approach to therapy.

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Those archetypes that seem to be carrying death are often the ones where the birth is right there, ready to leap out ... ~ Marion Woodman

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Marion Woodman PhD, author, teacher, analyst divine.......Love her books: conscious feminine, addiction to perfection & the owl was a baker's daughter

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Addiction to Perfection - Magda Wroblewska, MA, MS, LMFT