Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss, dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by heart. ~ Close your eyes and feel.

This made me tear up

This made me bawl my eyes out. My Baby Boy and Me this is a beautiful poem. My son isn't much of a cuddler now he's getting bigger but he surprises me once in a while with snuggles and it's one of my favorite things in life ♥

love my dog :)

That makes me so sad. :( Stop drinking and driving. ✌🏾️Do it for the dogs!

I rearranged them after they fell asleep.

I rearranged them after they fell asleep. <<Mine used to put random lego people on the tree>>

Don't you just hate it

Don't you just hate it

farm kitchen

Border collie with baby lamb. Well, looks like I'm moving East and raising lamb. Of course with border collies*

I hate when the dialogue in a movie is quiet so I have to raise the volume, then the next scene sounds like a plane is coming out of my tv. especially with kids,sleeping!

Parenting/discipline better perspectives

Thinking of you child as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your child as struggling to handle something difficult encourages you to help them through their distress.