Disney: understanding kids/teenagers for years just watched Kim possible earlier! Kim Possible fandom.

Ha xD

Why did the ghost cross the road?

Funny pictures about Why did the ghost cross the road? Oh, and cool pics about Why did the ghost cross the road? Also, Why did the ghost cross the road?

Yep all the time!

This happens to me all the time. XD xD i have second hand fandom disease xD xD

XD thats the best comment ever

I mean, like I know people ogle bigger boobs and that's creepy.

this is the best thing i have ever seen

Are newborn babies supposed to ribbit. I cannot stop laughing.<<Are Netflix a country xD

this is great

This could come in handy if I ever choose to try my hand at fantasy one day. <<< don't get on a nerd's bad side! We've been trying to figure out how to make a sword made out of our enemies blood :D

I laughed way too hard

Tough day for art…

Someone at the Arts & Crafts store has a warped sense of humor. The pin I saw said 'tragedy has struck in the arts and crafts department' -las

Mathematics in a nutshell

Best representation of math


No the egg is time lord tech. So the egg is bigger on the inside. Thus the dragon is normally proportioned<------ this comment is awesome!